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Crompton Bricklaying Trowel 11” Philadelphia Cork Handle

(40 customer reviews)



The new crompton trowel 11” Philadelphia pattern,

Become a more efficient bricklayer by saving time and earning more money by having the ability to use your bricklaying trowel as a measurement device.

A worlds first concept and implementation.

Permanently engraved trowel with the most common sizes used by bricklayers

no more stopping to check small sizes with a rusty tape

no more wasting time finding a misplaced tape

Crompton trowel enables you to :

  • Check brick gauge 75mm UK, 67mm USA/ CANADA & 86mm AUSTRALIA
  • Check to see if your string line is sagging
  • Set out and keep checking cavities 50mm – 100mm – 125mm – 150mm (on handle)
  • Set a tingle brick
  • Check for a split brick or block size
  • Raising the string line to gauge size on a profile
  • Build a corner without a tape measure
  • Keep and eye on your last few brick on edge
  • Gives you more incentive to keep your towel clean 🙂

All saving you time which is money in a site enviroment.


Weight 0.6 g

NO Personal Engraving, Personal Engraving


Pro Bricklayer/ Site Work, D.I.Y, General Builders, Apprentice/ Junior

40 reviews for Crompton Bricklaying Trowel 11” Philadelphia Cork Handle

  1. brickystu (store manager)

    I would like to leave the first review being the creator of this trowel. It has be a long and lonely 6 years witha lot of stress and financial worry but honeslty, of course i am a little biased, the trowel has gone beyond my expectations of what i thougth it would be. After testing it building walls it couldnt of turned out any better and im more than happy with it. It solves an annoyiing problem of on the spot measurment checks an because the trowel is in the hand of the bricklayer all day that means the checks can be done without stoping to access the tape measure. It is a great trowel even without the added measurments with a comfortable cork handle and good flex blade. Of course im biased but if it wasnt any good i would not release it to the market. Im happy i made my dream a reality by creating a product that will help people and improve efficiency and i know i wont be on my deathbed wishing i had brought my trowel to life. I did it!

  2. Joshua Charnley

    Outstanding idea & I can’t wait to get my hands on mine. All the best Stu 👍🏼

  3. Mohammed

    Top idea mate. Been watching your videos on YouTube for a long time. Love the fact a Wigan lad done something useful.
    Well done!!! Very impressive.

  4. Wayne Powles

    Got mine yesterday seems a good trowel will try it out in the new year dont want get it dirty right before Xmas lol

  5. Darren Corbett

    Well done… incredible Stu Crompton. proper trowel!!!

  6. Wayne Creasey

    Who would of thought that the brickies trowel could be innovated and improved to such an incredible level!!genius!..👏👏

  7. Alan

    Banging trowels!! Received it today 🙏💪💪😘

  8. charlie smith

    Trowel (issue 018)arrived today. Made up with it Stu.
    Well done pal.

  9. james p

    Arrived today and feels good, looking forward to using it Stu…👍

  10. Alfie

    Had mine yesterday
    Thank you
    Love the handle

  11. Ryan Dyer

    Thanks for the safe delivery of the trowel Stu! Very impressive on first look . Managed to lay a few blocks with her . Handle feels amazing compared to my Marshall town . Wish you all the best not that you will need it . First class product you have designed , especially with the cavity width and brick gauge mark on the trowel. The Little Hand written signature and thanks on a piece of paper was the final touch 👌 look forward to following you in the future

  12. jim

    Congratulations stu onwards and upwards keep it up buddy cracking product and idea which you put into action well deserved success mate 🤩👌👏

  13. Dave Parker

    Mine arrived on Saturday. Great quality and perfectly weighted. Congratulations, I’m sure they will be a great success.

  14. Gemma

    Just received my order. One happy son. Thankyou so much. Issue-96 yippee Kieron Cawley

  15. Russell

    Just received my trowel. Absolute quality mate. Feels much better than my OX.

    Love the little thankyou note. Nice personal touch.

    I sincerely do wish you all the very best. 😊

  16. john h

    Literally just been delivered first feel feels quality nice weight to it handle feels very comfy 👌

  17. Jake

    Hi Stu,

    Top trowel mate. I got mine with JBE Engraved on it.
    It’s a perfect weight and not to heavy and quality made.
    Love the handle as well.

    Keep up the good work mate 👍🏻👊🏻👍🏻

  18. John

    Really happy with mine I brought from you …its for my lad he’s still at school and has decided he wants to be a bricklayer like his old dad .. lol nothing wrong with that so 1 of your trowels will be the first he touches .. I’ve felt it and it feels nice handle is nicely shaped aswell.. can’t wait to start teaching him next year .kind regards john

  19. Joe

    iv received my trowel. thank you very much mate. the handle is nicest handle iv felt on a trowel and great balance. Best of luck in the future mate.
    Joe at
    Timberstruct and groundworks

  20. david

    Absolutely loving mine. Had to wait to use it as working in footing at the moment and complete washout and too much mud and didn’t want to get it dirty 😂. Finally got to use it on the splash. Will post a picture later.
    Gauge markings came in really handy as again ruined so many tape measures because of the mud. Good work and all the best.

  21. C. Bell

    “Stu”pendous Trowel!! Great design, balance & handling.

  22. jack

    i have been using mine this week and i’m very impressed with it, feels really nice. that’s after 17 years of only ever using a marshalltown trowel!

  23. mike

    I find the handle is a bit to wide , and the trowel is slightly heavier than a Marshall town .

  24. paul

    I love mine. I always thought they would fade with time. I’m not laying thousands with this trowel. Its my trowel for my personal projects

  25. michael

    To be fair Stu I’ve had the trowel now for 3 weeks love it mate,cracking bit of kit,will deffo re order when I need a new one.👍👍

  26. Alistair

    ordered today my mates turned up this morning had to get one for myself my new go to blade been marshall town since day dot had a go small go with my mates today and have fallen in love and can’t wait for mine to come 👌👌 with my nick name bongo will definitely spread the word for you and hope it helps and chance of a 10in comming would be great for face work 👍👍

  27. Oscar (verified owner)

    Great trowel, its really light and the markings are clear, fast delivery via Royal Mail.

    Only problem is that I paid for engraving but my trowel wasn’t engraved, any way to sort that out? Its a lovely product though

    • brickystu (store manager)

      Thanks for that Oscar i do apoligise about that, i had. few teething problems early on with engravings not coming through but its fixed now. Youre more than welcome to send it back and i can do it for you no problem.stu

  28. Stuart

    Love the new trowel bang on for gauging so much easier and quicker than using tape. Would highly recommend to any one and would definitely get another when needed. Top work as always 👍🏼

  29. James

    Bought one before Christmas, lovely strong trowel with great distribution. Going great so far and if my lines wear out in 6 years time I’ll be buying another. You could make a range out of this, good hard as nails practical tools

  30. David

    When I first saw it, I thought it wouldn’t be true once the trowel is worn down, then I realised that you use the back to measure from. If the trowel is worn down past the marks it’s probably time for a new one. Hats off to you mate, for having the balls to have an idea, and act on it. I hope every bricklayer in Europe and the US buys one and makes you a wealthy man. I’ve got one BTW. Let us know if you bring out a 12 inch version. 👍

  31. Anthony

    One benefit of these over a tape measure is where the rivets holding the tape hook can wear effecting the tolerances, this shouldn’t happen with the fixed dimensions on the trowel.
    In a manufacturing environment it’s recognised that tape measure can wear hence the need for periodic tolerance checks against a fixed BS steel rule.

  32. John B

    Time is money and trowel always in my hand I really like the trowel pal and love the gauge marks saving me time and feels great in my hand

  33. Jeremy O’Neill ( bulp the brickie ) (verified owner)

    I received my trowel and, well its spot on. tested its balance and perfect, the rise on the blade is excellent. the handle is fantastic, really comfortable, warm. i usually have a 10-inch blade but found the 11-inch easy to use. very impressed by this. liked the gauge on the side, i keep a rag in my back pocket so a quick wipe and the gauge is free from mortar for me to see. after 2 days started to break this in. it’s a fantastic trowel, really pleased to use this. when you bring out a 10-inch London pattern trowel, I will buy it. excellent product and once again thank you and I wish you the success you deserve. superb product.

    • brickystu (store manager)

      Thanks very much Jeremy. The 10” is next coming in April and the looking to produce wide and narrow London. All the best.

  34. Gavin

    Trowel is fantastic Stu, well balanced and good flex. Over here in Ireland nearly all builds are 150mm cavity if you could find a way to get that measurement somehow on the trowel it might open the market for you more here, it would speed up corner building. One other thing the handle and the best bricky ingravement on the Cork I keep thinking I’ve dry mortar on it until I realise its the emblem. Other than that I’m very happy with it so is the lad that works for me, our next trowel will be bought again from you, all the best I’ve a feeling this will take off for you big time. All the best, Gavin

  35. Levi

    Tell you one thing mate the (mm) on the side of the trowel comes in handy. Love using the Crompton Trowel feels very good in that had especially with the cork handle. Will deffo recommend to others. Love it mate thank you. Have a great day boss!

  36. Russell

    Excellent trowel, great design, well packaged and quick delivery 👍

  37. Edmund

    It’s a great bit of kit, Stu. Not only is it a fabulous trowel to work with, but it’s also top notch in terms of quality, too, and lets face it guys, anything that allows you to keep slashing the old bricks down whilst leaving that rusty old tapemeaser in the tool bucket is a wonderful thing in my book. Time is money chaps, and I just know that this beautifully designed trowel saves me time every day 😊

  38. Paul T

    10/10 pal trowel is better than marsh trowel, hats off to you ,

  39. Kevin Howells (verified owner)

    I have been a bricklayer for over 40 years and can say with no hesitation that your trowel is THE BEST I have ever used. I only wish I had bought one years ago. Amazing 👏

    • brickystu (store manager)

      Thanks so much leaving, it’s been worth the 6 years effort so far. Stu

  40. Mr H. (verified owner)

    Cork Handle feels nice. Looking forward to using it .

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